Thursday, November 18, 2010

Full name: Davin
Band: Kingdom
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Who is the biggest influence in your musical career?

A "career" is a pretty hefty title, but honestly I do play music than anything else in my life so I suppose it's accurate. The band Reagan Youth is my biggest influence, though musically it doesn't come forward that much in Kingdom. (We covered them on our '9 Lives' 7"!) I respect any band that plays their music unselfconsciously and pushes boundaries with what they're presenting, and very, very few bands do or have done that.

What is your favorite part of playing shows?

I'm like Garth Algar in Wayne's World, "I like to play." I love playing. I love our songs. I love hearing them, I love singing them, I love seeing what solos Dave comes up with, I love covering my favorite bands. Of course all the stuff that comes with playing shows is worth something too (or else we'd just play in our basement)-kids singing along, stage diving, moshing, even the kids in the back with their arms cross who are uncomfortable as all hell with us, I just love the whole damn thing. That's a crap answer huh? "What do you like about shows?" "Um, shows." Haha.

Do you any plan to be going on any tours?

Yep! We're going to start booking a week and half east coast tour for the end January in the next couple days, then we're headed to South America in March, then we're doing a full US in April, then we're going to Europe over the summer. Gonna be a busy year.

What was your inspiration to write your album "the rage that guides"?

Musically we wanted to take it to the heavier side of things. Lyrically I wanted to make it a timely political record. We're vegan and straight edge, and while those things are important there's a hell of a lot of more going on in this world that's just as important. So I wrote about things that were happening at the time- racist and corrupt police using Philly's "stop and frisk" to target poor and black folks, consumerism at it's lowest as illustrated by the Walmart employee who was trampled to death by shoppers on black friday 2 years ago, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism act that targets animal rights activists in America, a sense of hopelessness that I can't help but feel when hearing there are carcinogens in every woman's breast milk on earth. Despite that, I think it's a pretty positive record because for all of those things there are solutions, and I have faith that we'll find them.

What was your inspiration for writing the song Pythoness?

Night after night on our last US tour, I asked the crowd how many people a girl need to sleep with to be considered a slut. Their answers went anywhere from 3 in a year to 50 in a year, 5 in a week to 20 in a week, 2 in a day... no one could agree. Then I asked if it made a difference if the girl loved or cared for those people. All different answers. Then I asked if the girl had only been with 2 people in her life, but cared nothing for them? Again, different answers. "Slut" is a word used to punish women for being sexual, it means nothing, it has no real definition because if it did it couldn't be applied to anyone with a uterus (which is how it's used now.) It's a weapon against women and it works. We all know girls who fear acting "slutty", how many dudes do we know who fear the same? Pythoness is a song about women making whatever choices they want and disregarding what people say, because for girls in this world it's a lose/lose situation- virgin
or whore, in love or not, 1 fuck or 100, it doesn't matter. What makes the real difference is having the self awareness and self respect to make decisions in your best interest- and if that's just getting off, that's cool, and if it's abstinence, that's cool, and it's doin' the one you love, that's cool too.

Can you tell us some more about leaving Eulogy Record and entering the studio to record ?

Not much else to say on the Eulogy front. We just want to be on a label that does vinyl and Eulogy wasn't it. We recorded 6 news songs 2 weeks ago, 4 are going on our new 7", 2 are going on something else (to be announced later.) Our new record is getting mixed right now, and we'll be making an announcement on who we're doing it with soon!

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